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Karan Johar breaks Indian Idol 12 when his mother sends a word: ‘I couldn’t be proud of him, he’s made stars.’

Karan Johar, Bollywood filmmaker, is the special guest in Saturday night's coming episode of Indian Idol 12.

Karan Johar may be one of the country’s biggest filmmakers, but when his mother Hiroo Johar talks about him it is said that he is vulnerable. It was again the latest episode from Indian Idol 12, which will be on Sony TV later.

The episode of Karan Johar was shared by the channel. To his surprise, the recorded message from his mother for him is played and the director is emotionally overcome. The open-minded director, Hiroo Johar also a popular TV server host, is shy as a child.

“I chose to enroll him in an internship, but in three days he returned home. One day I asked him what he would do there when he told me he would join the film industry. I was about to fall off my chair when he said he wanted to be a director. ‘Why do you want to be a director, I said to him? You are a producer, your father (Yash Johar). He said, ‘He asked me to be of assistance to Aditya Chopra.’ He said.

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A variety of photos of Karan from his early business days in the industry accompany Hiroo Johar’s message including behind-the-scene photographs of him and Shah Rukh Khan from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, their film.

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Karan Johars mom also said she is proud of his achievements, because after the demise and also creates “filmmakers and stars,” he not only took Dharma Productions to a new height.

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“You all know how Dharma Productions has taken him to become a director, producer and several moviemakers and stars today. I can’t say how proud I’m of him to people. He’s outstanding all over. I’m lucky I’ve got Yash Johar’s husband as well as Karan. The son gave me children like Yash and Roohi. I couldn’t ask anything more,” added Hiroo Johar, visibly emotional.

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As the filmmaker washed away his tears, he was ovated by the judges and the contestants. Karan went on to disclose, “I don’t know, when my mom talks about me… but all my emotions are coming out. I just told Anu ji (Anu Malik, Judge of the Indian Idol 12) that you’re gaining a God if you lost a parent. Therefore, I just pray that Daddy will give us peace. I’m blessed I have such parents. When my kids Yash and Roohi were born, the most beautiful moment in my life. In them I found my parents, so I named them like that.”

Mother Bilquis of Anu Malik died of a stroke two weeks ago. She was eighty-six.

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