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Drunkards Must-Have Apps – Never Send Messy Texts Again!

These apps are made for drunk people who could phone their ex-girlfriends or bombard others' inboxes with sloppy texts late at night. Take a look at what they're capable of!

You probably forget what you said to others when you were intoxicated the last time, but it made you regret it. These excellent applications for drunkards will help you avoid such incidents. They were created to prevent people from doing silly things with their phones.

  1. Drunk Locker
    When you’re no longer sober, this is exactly what you need. Have you ever been drunk and posted crap on social media? Throughout the night, the software Drunk Locker will automatically block you from all social networking sites. Once you click the button, you won’t be able to use Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or any other app you choose.

Before you order your first drink, make sure you’ve set up the app and set a time limit.

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2. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

This software is similar to Am I Drunk in that it tracks your alcohol consumption as well as your blood alcohol level. It does, however, provide more statistics on how much you’ve consumed and allowed you to keep track of your drinking habits over days, weeks, and even months.

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The 7 useful applications for drunkards listed above can save your life in awkward situations. When you lose control, who knows what you’ll email to your closest friends or a stranger.

3. I’m Getting Arrested

It was originally created for demonstrators who might get arrested unexpectedly, but it’s now being used by inebriated individuals as well. To use this app, you must first prepare a personal message and then pre-select whom you want to send it to in the event of an emergency.

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When necessary, the message can be delivered to all of your close contacts with the touch of a button without the need for a thorough explanation.

4. Drunk Text Saviour

It will analyze your message using cutting-edge technology to identify spelling and formatting errors. A message will appear if there are more mistakes than usual, indicating that you may be inebriated.

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5. Drunk Mode

If Drunk Locker has temporarily blocked your access to social media, DrunkMode provides a similar function for contact access. Before you can solve a math problem, you won’t be able to unlock access to select contacts on your phone.

6. Am I Drunk

Use this app if you’re not sure if you’re drunk yet!

It calculates the alcohol level in your blood by entering your personal information, such as height, weight, gender, and the sorts and amount of drinks you consumed. This indicates the level of inebriation you are experiencing.

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7. Stupid Stopper Intoxicated Block

As the name implies, this program prevents you from sending drunk texts, remarks, or phone calls. You can still surf the web after you launch the software, but you won’t leave any traces online.

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